iDrive for backup and sync - thoughts?

I am wondering if anyone has experience with iDrive for backup and/or file sync.

I have posted previously regarding concerns with Dropbox as a file sync medium - because of lack of zero-knowledge encryption. I have tried which does have zero-knowledge, but does not sync Finder extended attributes - such as tags, which makes it unsuitable for me needs.

iDrive has gotten, in my reading, good reviews overall, often second to BackBlaze for cloud backup. They seem to run frequent sales, and today I got an offer for a year of 5TB storage for $1, so I figured it was worth signing up to try it out. I haven’t yet set it up. The renewal price in a year with be just under $70, so comparable to a year of BackBlaze IF storage stays under 5TB, and as I have, at present about 2.5TB in BackBlaze, that would work for me for some time.

If if functions properly, it seems that iDrive meets many needs:
– I have 5TB of storage, which means my current needs. Noting that some of my BackBlaze storage is actually old versions of files (I backup the SafetyNet folders of my daily clones to BB [but not the clones themselves] so that my old versions and deleted files [especially accidental deletions which BB does NOT protect against after 30 days] will be restorable if needed, and this is not relevant to iDrive which does NOT delete files unless you specifically enable cleanup or manually run a cleanup, as per their FAQ)
– iDrive saves 30 days of versions;
– You also get an equal amount of Sync storage for free (and I don’t need 5TB of sync’ed storage anyway!)
– I can set my own encryption key and so at least according to their documentation iDrive cannot decrypt my files on their own solving the security issue of Dropbox.

I haven’t tried it out yet, so I don’t know if iDrive backs up and syncs Finder tags which is the most crucial extended attribute for me.

I was wondering if others have relevant experience or thoughts to share?


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Don’t know anything about it, other than browsing their website. It looks pretty good. With its sync capabilities, it probably would have served me better than a NAS.

Try it and see if it works for you. Major, reputable sites seem to like it, and I like the Snapshots versioning and multiple devices within the storage limit. It’s worth considering, although I don’t know of anyone who uses the service.

I’m pretty happy with Backblaze, which I find worth the cost, though (thankfully) I’ve never had to test them out with a restore. At any rate I have no reason to switch.

I’m currently testing IDrive (though on a PC) and have a weird issue: restoring a single large file takes much longer than making a backup of it (my internet connection is asymmetric; downloading is 10 times faster than uploading - so restoring should be faster than making a backup). Even more weird: when I add a few small files to the restore set, the restore is suddenly much faster.

Their support crew is trying to solve this, but this issue is going on for months and we haven’t made any progress. Every time they mail me they solved this issue, which they did not (I test again and see that nothing has changed). Then they want me to sent logs. After receiving them they ask me to chat with them. I tell them the issue is not solved and we start the entire process again. I have gone through countless loops of this.

The incompetence of support is really making me doubt about this service!


@bowline: Thanks. I agree that BackBlaze works just fine, and I presently have it running. The reason for looking at iDrive are as I outlined, especially the permanent retention of files (if you accidentally delete something, BackBlaze will also remove it after 30 days and if you realize you lost something 6 months later, you are out of luck, which is why I BackBlaze my CCC SafetyNet folders). Also, iDrive will let me use one account for all of my computers, and since my laptops have little independent storage on them, this is a better financial deal for me.

@rob: That is very concerning, that they cannot troubleshoot this problem in such a long period of time working on it. I recall back in the day using CrashPlan and finding a similar issue (I eventually concluded that CP just did NOT work with very large datasets and switched away).

I guess there is no alternative but for me to to install the client and see how it works.

I really should consider archiving a separate CC clone set to update only every 6 months.

Backblaze is my backup of last resort; it would take so long to restore my files using offline backup that I really most depend on my CCC clone backups to do all my heavy lifting.

If I strongly felt that I needed offline versioning I’d probably pay double what I do for Backblaze and switch to the $120/yr CrashPlan for Small Business plan.

At the end of the day you have to trust someone else his computer (server farm) that there is no back-door to get into your data…

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