IDrive vs ICloud?

I see IDrive is offering $1.00 for a year, then $70.00 a year moving forward. My IDrive vs ICloud or vis versa? Please let me know & thank you

What Is your intended use for these services?

iCloud fully integrates with the Mac OS and iOS platform. Its not just data storage.

Backup for all my information on my MacBook

I am not a techie person. I currently have Backblaze. My question is IDrive a better option for backup of all my stored information?

They are basically the same. Backblaze is more sexy and iDrive is cheaper. I use iDrive without any issues.

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If its for online backup I prefer Backblaze they have a great reputation.

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In your original post you asked about iDrive vs iCloud; later you asked about Backblaze vs iDrive.

If it’s backup you want, then iCloud is not the answer. iCloud is a syncing service. That leaves us with Backblaze vs iDrive. The prevailing opinion here is that Backblaze is about as you can get. As @TheMarty noted, iDrive is cheaper than Backblaze, however Backblaze offers unlimited space whereas with iDrive you pay based on space.

This is funny:


But Backblaze being limited to one device is quite an issue.

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After reading your links, IDrive! Thank you for sharing & hope you have a nice weekend.

Ehhh and on who’s website did you see the favorable comparison for iDrive?

Where else:

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From TheMarty. It is part of this thread