If you find yourself waxing poetic about old terminals

This is really a terminal emulator. CRT and all.
There’s even an Apple ][ mode.





I had “Cathode” for that, but it seems it doesn’t exist any more…

When I was in college I loathed computers especially because I could not type. (I type with one hand!) There was no delete or back space key. Darn things would never take my password and I’d have to hunt down the prof so I could use his. Then I had to wait a couple hours while the nerds with the white office shirts and the pocket protectors got off one of the terminals (?).

Then when I was finished it was off I’d go and walk a block to this building with a huge room full of these massive machines. I’d have to wait another two hours for my printout- perforated pages and pages and pages of political science nonsense.

It wasn’t until someone put a Mac in the back of my fourth grade classroom that I got hooked. Oh did I ever!!! :wink:


IIRC Cathode uses Electron while this one uses Qt QML. Common knowledge is that Qt more ‘native’ and resource friendly.

But again, they’re all only a framework and an app’s performance really depend on the developer. We all have powerful computing hardware anyway