If you have a Watch running 7.0.1 and a HomeKit Secure Video camera

…help me debug something?

I have a Logitech Circle View. Pretty cool: you can pull up the camera on your Watch and see/hear what’s going on right from your wrist!

Sadly, this only works on my wife’s Series 5. On my Series 6, the video works, but there’s no audio. Edit: the discrepancy might come the fact that my Watch is running 7.0.1, but I doubt my wife’s is…

I’ve gone back and forth with Logitech on this and they are claiming that my Watch is broken or my settings are wrong. On the latter, I think I’ve checked every possible setting (though I’m open to suggestions.) It’s impossible that the Watch is broken, though… other apps are able to play audio just fine, so it isn’t the speaker.

If you have a HomeKit Secure Video camera or, better, a Circle View, along with an Apple Watch Series 6 running 7.0.1, do you mind testing the audio from the HomeKit Secure Video stream on your Watch?

You could reset the watch to factory (after a backup) and only install that one app without changing anything to test.

It’d b a massive pain in the arse, but you could.

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How do you mean? I would be willing, but I’m not sure how factory reset would let me test this issue. Or is that a way to get my watch to pre-7.0.1?

I checked: my wife is running WatchOS 6.2.8. So that might be the problem after all…

It would show you on a factory default watch with one app if it works (even on 7.0.1)

So is it a configuration issue or something in your setup

There’s also the potential that it is a config issue and the backup and restore fixes it.

I was going to provide a data point for you but, when I went to test my setup, it wouldn’t work. It used to work. So, all I can report is that viewing my HomeKit cameras on WatchOS 7.0.1 no longer works for me. The cameras now try to connect and then say “unavailable.” However, viewing them in HomeKit on iOS 14.0.1 works fine.

@geoffaire ahh, right, yes. I understand. Doing the factory reset now!

@Brad Oh no, this process wasn’t supposed to cause more problems. Aye, I have had no issues on the iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV… only my WatchOS 7.0.1 Watch. You might be able to get yours back by restarting the cameras though?


Factory reset complete. Still no sound from the HomeKit Secure Video stream on my Watch.

I suppose the next test is to update my wife’s to 7.0.1 and see if it breaks…

Apple listens. They really listen!

I installed the beta of WatchOS 7.1 and this is fixed. :tada:

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