If you like Jazz

I’m a fan of Jazz and I especially like it with my early morning commute and in the office while working. The challenge is to find music that is jazz but not the typical smooth jazz yet unintrusive for one’s thinking.

On a whim I asked Siri for “good morning jazz.” To my surprise “she” started playing a playlist of good morning jazz. I think it is perfect for a mellow morning and for unintrusive background music.

You may want to give it a try.


That did not work for me. She greeted me back. I said to play “good morning mazz” and she listed a long list of things and then played something, but I was confused by her answer.

Piano Bar is my go to Apple Music jazz playlist.


Didn’t work for me either. When I made the request “HomePod Siri” played Nick of Time by Bonnie Raitt. Not jazz, but not a bad song to go along with my first cup of coffee.

I’ll try again when I’m in my car. “iPhone Siri” has always been a bit brighter than her cousin.

I got some calm piano jazz from this. Nice!

“Play quiet jazz” or “play chill jazz” also gets a decent playlist, although it’s a little more horn than I want in the morning.

“Play Charlie Parker” turned out to really set the mood. :slight_smile:

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Strange, it worked perfectly for me. I just tested it again. She does give a list of songs/albums but then starts playing the playlist. My exact command is, “Hey Siri, play some good morning jazz.”

Works in Germany:

“Hey Siri, spiele Guten-Morgen-Jazz!”

Her answer:

“Spiele Jazz für beschwingte Stimmung jetzt!” (=“Playing Jazz for a lively mood now!”)

And off she goes…! Nice!

Little Asterisk: Her answer is lousy though. She uses an English sentence structure speaking German. But the music is nice… :slight_smile: Also for a nice afternoon!

Nope. This time I got “I didn’t find good morning jazz on Apple Music”. Given HomePod Siri’s history I’m just glad I didn’t get something from AC/DC. My neighbor works nights.

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Maybe its a German thing. My ancestors are from Mosbach Germany. :slight_smile:

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Works perfectly for me, thanks for the tip!

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I too like piano bar. :slight_smile:

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I got “Good Morning Judge” by 10cc. Not exactly jazz but also not bad. No Bill Evans or Red Garland.

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Music just showed in my recently played an album called “Good Morning Jazz” from the artist Jazz Academy. Which doesn’t seem to be an artist at all.

The name of the album is “Good Morning Jazz - Coffee Break, Tea Time, Finest Chillout Music, Good Day with Music, Pino Bar, Harmony of Senses, Wake Up, Alarm Clock” which explains why it confused me when Siri repeated this long string of random text when I asked her to play it.

While it has some good stuff on it, it’s not a playlist that will be updated.

Apple Music has lot of jazz playlists, but to find them you have to go digging in the “Browse” section. Browse is basically a list of music I would never ever listen to, but at the bottom it has some good search tools. There are tons of jazz playlists, that are very difficult to discover without some work.