If you like, smooth, jazz, but not in the style of Kenny G, you may like this playlist

I’ve been compiling a playlist of smooth jazz, that is NOT in the style of Kenny G. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m still adding to the playlist, which currently stands at 122 songs. I’d love to have suggestions to add to it.

Smooth jazz of this nature is my default for work and driving, especially when I’m not in the mood for Classical. I find that this music does not interfere with my ability to engage in deep work, and I find it relaxing and enjoyable. And, unlike much of contemporary Pop music, it is not degrading to the mind and soul.

For a little more fun, I enjoy this album:


Cool, thanks for sharing. Love the description lol.


This is cool jazz:


Miles is always cool :slightly_smiling_face:


Sweet collection. 8 1/2 hours! Chuck Mangione! Great song. I’m an amateur trumpet player in addition to being a university professor here in Japan where I’ve lived and worked for nearly 40 years since 1977. The quartet I play in has a gig next weekend and then in September. Listening to a lot of music these days. Thanks, Professor!

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I’ve been to many many places in the world but I’ve never been to Japan. I’d love to visit one day. :airplane:

Hopefully you can make that happen. It would be nice to meet you though I do live in the Tohoku area about 220 miles northeast of Tokyo.

By the way, here’s a photo of my setup!


That is a very nice setup!

Some really great tunes here - thanks !

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I wouldn’t want to distract from some further discussion about jazz (university professor and jazz drummer here!)

… but do tell us what you do with so many screens! Especially the iPads – what are they running and how are they helping you work?

Just as I suspected, smart people are into and do jazz. :rofl:


(tuba/bass trombonist here)

Regarding the multiple screens, I have a similar setup, but includes laptop, 32" ultra-wide, 22" in portrait mode, and iPad. On the laptop I usually have my email open, on the ultra-wide I have 2/3 devoted to the main application I am working in and 1/3 with Slack open to reference conversations and messages, on the 22" I usually have OneNote to review various notes and reference materials, and the iPad has Good Notes open to jot quick notes, calculator use, iMessages, etc.

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Thanks for sharing! I tend to lean more towards groove and progressive jazz (eg. Snarky Puppy), but I was pleasantly surprised by what I’ve heard so far (definitely not a Kenny G fan). I could imagine several of these songs a part of a Steely Dan tune, which is a good thing.


On the iPad Mini, I have TickTick open (or whatever my todo manager happens to be at that time…) and then Fantastical available on the iPad Pro Screen. I use the 16" and the Apple Display to take care of whatever I am working on at the moment. I love having the ability to drag screens smoothly between the 16" and Apple Display. I cannot understand why anyone would put the MBP in clamshell mode.

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Great playlist (Smooth Jazz by Dr. Barrett Mosbacker). Noticed that Songbird by Kenny G was included. Maybe this was a Kenny G tune that, I’m guessing, he did not play it in the style of Kenny G. :grinning:

That one snuck in via another playlist I’d downloaded. :slightly_smiling_face: I just left it.

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Finally someone compiled playlists for the few of us who’s favorite genre of music is the extremely rare but super specific '"Elevator music, but the elevator has a black tar heroin habit except this time its been clean for over 40 floors now …BUT OH NO, PostMates delivery guy just pressed button 13. where Elevators last 2 relapses happened and now you regret not listening to your gut when it was telling you to take the stairs. ’

Wish more elevator smack bands had a guy not afraid to shred hard on the keytar. It really defines what its like to be be accepted into the staten island school of sound keytar certification night school. Heard they have a good tv trivia program too.

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Agreed! At home, mine is a 24" Dell monitor and MBP 14" off on the right hand side. At work, it’s 2 x 24" monitor with the MBP open.

When I was in college I had a weekend show on our jazz radio station. No matter what style or from what era I chose a selection, I’d get at least one phone call complaining that I wasn’t playing another style. I learned the various factions of jazz aficionados don’t always see eye to eye.

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