If you like, smooth jazz…

I like to play smooth jazz when driving or doing relatively mindless administrative tasks. I cannot have any vocals when I’m doing serious work, but for general relaxation and less than deep work, I enjoy music of this nature.

If you like smooth jazz you may like this playlist. There are 97 songs for over eight hours of music.


Didn’t @MacSparky say that it was in the contract with his wedding band that they would not play any Kenny G?

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I haven’t looked at every song title (I will) but I think I only saw one Kenny G. song. I’m not a fan of his music either. This playlist is far broader than Kenny G’s style. I like smooth jazz, but I also like Jazz, Christmas Gregorian Chant and classical, so go figure. :man_shrugging:t3: :slightly_smiling_face:

There are other musical genres I can’t stand–but I’ll not list those.

I like jazz of all kinds and I enjoy this playlist as well! I came to classic jazz by way of smooth jazz years ago, and I go from one to the other depending on my mood.

I’m glad I’m not the only one on this forum! :sweat_smile:

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Indeed I did insist in the wedding DJ’s contract that there be “No Kenny G”. And he was a much bigger deal back in 1993.

As I’ve got older, I’ve got over my angst with Kenny G. It’s pretty great that he got to make a living playing his horn. But his music is still not for me. :wink:


I’m now waiting for the contrary opinions thread to have someone who loves Kenny G…


I am also listening mostly to jazz with many descriptors. I often find the label “smooth jazz” to be used as a derogatory term (which, in the case of Kenny G might possibly be warranted). However, there are so many variations on the classification of musical styles that I simply listen with an open mind and add what I like to my lists. How some random streaming service chooses to classify any artist or track is merely a suggestion.

As Miles Davis famously observed:

“Good music is good music - no matter what type of music it is.”


I love me some Shakatak!

That Miles quote is right on. And look how many styles he worked with! No one ever accused him of not having taste.

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@MacSparky have you listened to the work of Joan Chamorro https://www.youtube.com/@JoanChamorro he has nurtured some outstanding young talent over the years. Andrea Motis is an accomplished vocalist and trumpet player. Scott Hamilton has spent a lot of time playing with the band under Joan’s leadership. They are based in Spain. My Dad was a huge jazz fan and I put him onto Joan Chamorro and he loved listening to them.

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Thanks Dave. I’ll check it out. Though I have to admit my jazz tastes favor bumpy over smooth. :wink:

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