Ignore-ance is bliss


Just a reminder, if someone rubs you the wrong way (myself included :slight_smile: ), rather than continuing to bash heads, you can just ignore them.

  • Click your pic at the upper right
  • Click the little person icon for preferences
  • Click Preferences
  • Click Add…
  • Pick the person and a timeframe
  • Click Save Changes
  • Enjoy your newfound bliss


Yeah. Great suggestion. Been doing it for a while. :sunglasses:

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I didn’t know this existed. Thanks!

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This is very handy. Thanks!

Edit: John, you are most certainly staying off my naughty list :wink:

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No one has annoyed me in here so I’ve not considered blocking anyone. Seems like a good group.

What’s that saying though, if you can’t figure out who the person is, it’s probably you (me)? :rofl:

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From a community management perspective, it’s not quite bliss. Ignores and mutes are harmful to communities because they paper over problematic behavior, they create a chilling effect on communications between regular members as soon as there is a small amount of suspicion one has ignored the other, and they give new users less of a chance to establish themselves.

The Discourse project resisted implementing ignore for years on community management principles, and hosted a lot of good discussion on the topic. Discourse has a number of techniques built in to limit the use of and damage caused by ignores.

Guessing no one will see this, but posting anyway. :wink:


You are seen. You are heard. You are loved. (I saw your post.)

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I saw it. And I read it. And I mostly agree with it.

Curiously, my wife and I had a relevant conversation over dinner at one of our favorite restaurants this very evening. That relevant conversation? That there is a difference between the theoretical and the practical.

I agree that this tool is a blunt instrument and does not effectively deal with any “jerks” that exist in the community. But when flagging posts has no effect on such jerks and their behavior, being able to silence said jerk is one’s only recourse.

I don’t agree with everything posted in these forums. And that is a good thing. Some posts have made me think and have changed my mind. Along the way I’ve learned things.

But I have taken the practical step of muting one and only one person on this forum. And my experience here is better for it.

And I think this post was the impetus for this thread:


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