IKEA / Sonos Symfonisk vs. Homepod Mini for audio quality?

If I don’t want the Siri part, for an Airplay speaker anybody know which would be nicer in terms of sound quality?

I have the Sonos and don’t have the HomePod mini, so I can’t say for sure, but I’m guessing the mini might sound better, especially as a pair. That would certainly be what I would buy if I doing it now.

That being said, I have no complaints about the Symfonisk pair that I use with my AppleTV.

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I have had both. I went for the HomePod mini in my kitchen. The Symfonisk could offer more volume, but the HomePod mini sounds just as good to me and I decided I’d rather not mix smart speaker systems.

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I have a Sonos system, and a pair of Symfonisk bookshelf speakers in that mix. They sound very close to what you would get from a Sonos Play:1, I think. Now, I also never heard a HomePod Mini, so I can’t say anything about the sound.

However - I have noticed that, while many of my Sonos units support Airplay, this works best if I only stream audio to one speaker (or stereo pair). I much prefer using the native Sonos app for multi-room, as the sync is often a bit off when using Airplay. It’s not much, but enough to be annoying when walking from room to room.

The Sonos sync is always very precise. Guess the same should be true of a HomePod only setup on Airplay too.

…unless Sonos’ technology and protocol is superior in itself.

Maybe it is. At least I think it was when AirPlay 2 and the HomePod were new - though I don’t know what improvements Apple has made lately.