iLok License Manager suddenly appears on my Mac

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A few weeks ago this app suddenly appeared on my Mac. I didn’t knowingly download and install this app. I removed and and it just returned today. The only app that I installed today was Forklift via Setup. Is anyone familiar with this app? Anyone have it suddenly show up?

First off, if you don’t know what it is, don’t open it. Unless your Mac is managed by a company IT department, nothing should just show up without you knowing about it. I’ve never heard of that app. Check for any recent software updates, maybe something you use automatically installed this app? Unlikely, but possible I suppose.

Otherwise you might have a problem.

If you have those App, there might be good chances, that you have an other app, which is licensed, and uses the iLok App to control that license.
If you don’t have an app that needs this License Manager, you can uninstall it (but only then, otherwise the other will probably stop working).

Apparently these companies use the iLok License Manager:!ilok-publishers

Maybe you recognise one?

Good advice. I did not open iLok.

That’s exactly what it was. The culprit is Ableton Live Lite, a digital audio workstation that I had installed quite a while ago. I did not notice that it also installed iLok. So when I found iLok a few days after that, I did not associate the two. So, I completely uninstalled iLok (using CleanMyMac - did a fantastic job removed everything related to iLok). I had not used Ableton once I had initially installed it until yesterday. When I went to use Ableton, it sent me to their website to verify that I had a license and that’s where it installed iLok again. It did this in the background without my knowledge. Since I never opened iLok either time, I never got the Apple warning “This app was download…”

Thanks to you both for responding to me. I appreciate the help.

As for Ableton, I am deleting it and I’m currently looking for another DAW.


Sorry @rob just saw your post after I wrote my post above. I am not sure why I didn’t find this on the iLok website. Thanks for the link. I see that my digital audio interface which is form Universal Audio is on the list. Now I’ll have to check to see if I have to use iLok to use my interface. Will check and report back. Thanks again.

Depending on what you want to do with a DAW, it might be worth to have a look onto GarageBand, and often Apple-User also do have a license for Logic Pro X already.

Thanks. I’ll start a new thread regarding DAW later today.

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It’s music industry-standard DRM software. Apple software doesn’t use it, but many many professional audio plugins do.

Thanks. So I guess I may have to end up using it in the long run.

I have iLok because I used UAD’s Luna DAW. I agree with @Lutefish that it will be hard to avoid.

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