I'm bugged by this Finder inconsistencies

Here I was trying Hazel and renaming all of my receipts when I found this inconsistencies in Finder which bug me very much.

In the List view, Mac’s choice of font is not of the monospace type. My receipts file looks like a wiggly snake.


If I click By Column view though, they are all perfectly aligned!!

So, my question is, how can I change the font type in Finder-List mode?

There’s no easy way with the current macOS, as I learned when I wanted to use an old hack to change the font to the Input font.

Someone did custom-code a hack to allow the system font to be changed from San Francisco to Lucida Grande, which you can read about here:

Thanks @bowline. This is what I am afraid of - resorting to some hacks instead of being able to do it natively in MacOS. Ugh. I think I will have to stick with it, or, maybe default to opening in Column mode for the “receipts” folder. I can do that, can’t I?