I'm on TV Again :-) Colorado PBS station

The Colorado PBS station will be playing the short movie “Small Bites” Next Thursday at 7:30 pm.

"Small Bites - The Art of Food in the North Fork Valley

The North Fork Valley has the largest number of organic farms in Colorado and the widest diversity of foods produced. Artist Brigid McAuliffe filmed and interviewed six food producers while in residency in Paonia. She named this project Small Bites, in honor of these small scale producers sharing a small glimpse into their lives and expertise.

Broadcast In: EnglishDuration: 0:23:42"

I’m one of the producers she interviewed.


I assume this is the correct video? https://www.pbs.org/video/small-bites-the-art-of-food-in-the-north-fork-valley-dh4o9f/

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We need that balance of recognizing the sacrifice the animal has made so that we can eat…

Well said. I completely agree.


Yes that’s the one I’m in