iMac 27 New CPU

Apologies if needed. I did a quick search and did not see speculation on when the new 27" iMac will be coming out. I’m allocating money and ordering a wishlist. Is there any firm or shaky info on a new 27" Mac?

Only firm information is that Apple has said the transition for Apple Silicon will be done within two years. So unless they’re cancelling the iMac line (unlikely), there should be an Apple Silicon iMac within that timeframe. Mark German at Bloomberg recently reported:

For its next generation chip targeting MacBook Pro and iMac models, Apple is working on designs with as many as 16 power cores and four efficiency cores, the people said.

His article makes it sound like this is a 2021 product. In addition:

For higher-end desktop computers, planned for later in 2021 and a new half-sized Mac Pro planned to launch by 2022, Apple is testing a chip design with as many as 32 high-performance cores.


Excited - this will be my next computer :slight_smile:

Mine too, probably.

Thanks @ChrisUpchurch seems safe to think any day now is too soon. Image stabilized binoculars move forward.

Probably late 2021. I’m waiting for the 24" iMac in early 2021. :slight_smile:

I’m expecting a new XDR-sized (with different panel) arm iMac, with the 27" Intel version hanging around for a year or so.
It’s possible the 27" formfactor also gets arm, but in that case I would expect a redesign.

Apple is going to embrace ARM from now on. I don’t see them making another Intel iMac.

I meant the 27 would go away

All the fortune tellers expect the M1 iMacs to arrive as part of a total makeover, thinner bezels, etc. Might be a while.

I keep my fingers crossed for a 32“ iMac with 6k :blush: - this way I don’t have to buy the XDR display :sweat_smile:

Would they replace it with a bigger iMac?

Didn’t they say within 2 years originally in June 2020? That is what I remember. So I think that perhaps you should say that the entire line is going to be ARM in a year and a half.

What Tim Cook said at WWDC was, “we expect to ship our first Mac with Apple Silicon by the end of this year, and we expect the transition to take about two years.” It’s somewhat ambiguous when the clock starts on those two years. Is it two years from the WWDC announcement or two years from when they ship the first Apple Silicon Mac?

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It could be less than two years. The Intel transition was significantly shorter than expected.

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I am very happy with my M1 MBP. I will use it for a while, and I hope in 2-3 years a 15/16" M2? M3? MBP with 64GB+ will be available.

That is clever wording. Thanks for the actual quote.

I told myself I’d never buy another iMac after a ridiculous repair bill for a dead HDD.

I’m warming back up to the iMac because of pure SSD storage and better display Tech.

I think the iMac refresh is coming in Spring 2021. 24" and 32"

I’m interested in the 32. Look at display prices today a 4K 32" display from Samsung and LG are roughly $330. I’m expecting that a decent specc’d iMac 32" should be around $1599 for 16GB of unified memory with options for 32GB or more.

My iMac is 8 years old. It’s time for retirement.

Rumors for the bigger iMac are suggesting that it’ll come out in late 2021 or so. The smaller iMac is likely to come in Spring 2021 though.

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