iMac and Macbook Pro DTOP sync

Anybody know of a simple reliable way if syncing a DTOP database between an iMac and a MacBook Pro, without a physical cable connection , both Macs running High Sierra. I also run icloud and dropbox. ?? Thanks.

Forklift ($30) is an for managing FTP servers, but I use it as a Finder replacement.

It can also synchronize files between two Macs on the same network. All you need to do is connect to the Mac using AFP or SMB, log in and add the folder you want to synchronize to your Favorites in Forklift. You can then use Forklift’s sync tool to ensure the same data is always in both folders.

There are also specialty sync apps like Chronosync Express ($25), though the Macs involved must all be running the same macOS version. Additional info here.

Both those apps, by the way, are part of the subscription bundle.

What about the built-in sync?
It works well for me.
See here:

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Hi, thanks, where is the page you are referring to under Q&A ? How have you set up built in sync ?

Hi , Thanks bowline, I have setapp, so both can be options. I like the sound of forklift but have not seen it before. What steps do you have to take to setup sync on your database ? Assuming that your database folder is in your home folder containing your master databse on the iMac.

Sorry, but I don’t sync databases. I use Forklift as a quick-and-dirty Finder replacement, and I don’t own Chronosync Express. I just know that those apps can be used for that purpose.

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Your best bet is probably the tutorial in DTPO. See Help | Tutorials.

Agreed. I use iCloud to sync 6 databases. I use my iMac, MacBook, and iPad Pro to access those synced databases. I try to be careful about opening the same doc in more than one place. It’s all been working well for me for over a year.