iMac as 5k Monitor

Hey All, looking for all the hackers or DIY folks.

I’m planning to replace my 27” late 2015 iMac 5k when the next laptops are released.

I’m looking for a way to turn my old 5k into an external display. I know Target Display Mode is long gone.

Also found this but it only offers the Luna Display idea. For those that want to use an Imac 5k as an external display (Hacking Rquired) | MacRumors Forums

Has anyone come across any DIY methods or hacks to get this done?

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I did some googling around. It looks like iMac displays are panels from LG, Samsung, possibly others, that use a standard interface (eDP, I believe). So (standard disclaimers apply), if you disassemble your iMac and find the model number of the panel, you can probably find a controller on Amazon, eBay, or elsewhere. You would also need a power supply.

Googling iMac lcd controller will turn up lots of hits, like this one:


Thanks. I’ve been seeing similar things (disassemble, new parts for a few hundred dollars, reassemble).

Appreciate the help!

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Removing target display mode seems to go against Apple’s persona of being environmentally conscious.

Rather than booting while holding a key down, one has to throw parts away, buy more parts, shipping, etc.

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If I remember correctly, and I may not, but I could of sworn ATP discussed it and it came down to the technology of how the 5k works on an iMac that made it difficult to do. So they decided to remove it instead.


Your prompt reminded me. The controller for the 5k monitor is actually treating the screen as two separate screens which are synchronised to allow the image to be displayed. I doubt there’s a simple way to directly control them as a single display.

Software may be your best option.


I hope these rumored iMacs for Tuesday’s event re-introduce target display mode!