iMac Pro bluetooth issues

My Bose QC-35 headphones (original, not series II) are pretty much useless when paired with my iMac Pro. The sound is choppy and unintelligible. The headphones work fine with my iPhone SE and iPad Pro. There’s nothing unusual about my setup, no magnetic pulse generators, lasers, or defective microwave ovens in proximity.
Anyone else having BT issues?
Anyone know if the QC-35II have better BT connectivity, or is the new model number strictly because Google and Alexa were added (no use to me)?


Have you tried resetting the Bluetooth module?

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I had issues with QC-35 on a windows machine, exactly the same symptoms you describe and worked fine with iPad / iPhone, never got it resolved.
Haven’t tried them with my MacBook Pro - I have a Bose Soundwear Companion that works fine with it though.

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No debug menu on Mojave. I’ll google around. Thanks.

Edit: pressed ⌥⌘ instead of ⇧⌥, module now has been reset.

Edit: rebooted, did not help :neutral_face: