iMac Versus Chromebases

I have a 2013 iMac that’s collecting dust. I’m considering giving it to my 12 year old niece, but she is awfully used to the Google ecosystem and isn’t used to macOS. The last time my 12 year old niece used a Mac, Google websites were quite broken in Safari.

She is now interested in a Chromebase. They have tight integration with the Google ecosystem, not to mention that it is running her operating system of choice.

I should mention that my 12 year old niece had a Windows Vista laptop about a year ago. Every single day after school, she would immediately take her shoes and socks off and rush right to it, but the laptop no longer works anymore. When she used the laptop, her general use case was web browsing in an older version of Mozilla Firefox predating Firefox Quantum, resulting in a poor experience due to the slow speed of the browser. My 12 year old niece is no longer interested in laptops (I have a feeling that it runs in the family :joy:).

With all of that said and done, should I get her a Chromebase? I would appreciate some user input. :grinning:

If the optinos are a 2013 iMac vs a new Chromebase, I would go for the Chromebase. Especially with a young child who isn’t into gaming. The Chromebase will help keep her out of trouble (downloading malicious files and the such).

Yes, Macs are sexy, but old Macs are…painful. In my humble opinion.

Yeah, my niece isn’t into gaming. She had a hobby for art and animation on Google+ back when that was still around, but that hobby of hers died off when Google+ was closed down.

She now often video chats with her real life friends and online friends, exchanging pedicures and the like, but the quality of the webcam isn’t a priority for a 12 year old girl. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the advice!