IMAP rules on IOS ...?

Trying to be iPad only for a few days, and I’m having issues with my mail filters. I basically forgot that my Mac filters a TON of misc messages, so when it’s off that’s not happening.

I like having it off when I’m away for days at a time, but then I get all the junk in my inbox.

Hover’s server-side filters don’t work reliably, so that doesn’t help - and I don’t want to switch to Gmail due to its weird label behavior.

Any suggestions for either an IMAP provider with solid server rules, a good iOS app, or another workable solution?

Fastmail has served me well for many years.


Seconding FastMail. I use MailMate on macOS and it was a great help in determining the rules to set up on FastMail’s side, but the FastMail UI is pretty easy to navigate on its own.

I run various Gmail accounts through the Apple Mail client so I set up rules and filters on the Gmail server side. I also do the same on iCloud my personal account. This way all of my rules migrate over to all of my devices. This works well for me.

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Seventeen years on fastmail here. Zero downtime. Rules, filtering, aliases, web interface, apps, etc. are all great.


I also use Fastmail and run rules server side. Gmail obviously does this as well, but if you use primarily via IMAP and Apple Mail it does not work as well as Fastmail for push notifications.

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I use iCloud mail and set up my rules on the server side so mail gets processed and sorted before viewing on any of my devices. Harder to set up since I have to use the iCloud web interface to configure the rules and can’t do it from Safari on iOS.

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Agreed. FastMail has gone out of its way to accommodate Apple iOS push and that’s one of the big reasons I chose it and stay with it:

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I just saw today that I can now mark an item as read AND send it a folder, i.e. most often the Trash…

This was not possible before in but thankfully it is now. Also the loft for how many rules one can have on iOS is gone. I think it has been for a while, but I just noticed that today also, running amok with setting up “mark-as-read-and-send-to-folder-creation”