iMazing: Grabbing only videos on an iPhone to transfer to computer

My friend has an issue that I seem to be the tech support on. The long story short is this:

He has an iPhone. Prob running iOS 10 (possibly 11). He uses Windows. We wanted to pull down all his videos to his computer via iCloud sync. For some reason, it doesn’t seem to pull down all his stuff.

This is sort of a one time thing so I’m trying to make this as painless as possible for me.

I’m thinking of getting iMazing and setting it up on my computer (via Setapp). I would plug in his phone, grab the videos only and then transfer to my computer. Then I can copy them from my computer to his computer.

I’ve never used iMazing but wondering if this is an easy thing to do. I just want to grab a subset of what is in his Photos app.

More ideally, he had actually created an album where he put some of these videos that he liked. I only really want to grab those but I don’t care if I have to grab everything.

Is this the sort of thing that iMazing is really built for?


the videos you mean, are they in the camera roll only? Not in icloud?

If they are in iCloud you could login to and download them manually?

I ended up taking the easy way out. I had no interest in trying to figure out what the problem was so after seeing @JKoopmans post above, I went into iCloud and had my friend download them one by one. Unfortunately, there was no way to download them in bulk.

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