iMazing iOS backup to Synology not so amazing?

Hey everyone,

I bought iMazing as it promises wireless backups to network destinations, such as NAS or other local servers.

However, not a single backup of my iPad, nor my iPhone has ever been completed. The iMazing helper is running in the background most of the time. I often leave the device connected via cable for up to 48, which even in pandemic times is a huge inconvenience and it is still stuck at the “preparing backup” stage.
(Okay, to be fair, one backup of my iPad finished about a month ago, but for whatever reason, it is no longer shown in the backup revisions list. Since I can’t recover that backup I sadly can’t count it as a successful one.)

My Mac is connected via either gigabit ethernet or gigabit wifi via Unify APs and mostly stationary at my desk. The Synology NAS is widely accessible from all devices without any issues. Read/write speeds are mainly limited by the HDD speed.

What’s your experience with iMazing? :neutral_face:

I had the same experience with iMazing. Never completed backups to Synology.

In addition to periodic occurrence of iMazing just crapping out and no longer backing up until I removed the backup and started over again.

I gave up and got rid of iMazing.


I didn’t have a good experience with iMazing either.
I don’t like that it disables backups in Finder, requiring a command line hack to re-enable it.
Others have lost their message history using it, and as I recall their response was, “yeah, that happens sometimes.”