iMazing to Synology Backups

Hey MPU Fam,

So I saw a post from `21 that backups from iMazing to Synology weren’t… amazing.

I’m here today with 2 questions.

  1. Has anyone had positive experiences of backing up to Synology or a NAS using iMazing?

  2. Related, is it possible to “move” your backup files/location from a HD to your NAS? I see that there is a way to export backups, but can’t discern if it allows them to be exported for the purpose of resuming backing up, if that makes sense.

I’m currently new to Synology/NAS and learning. This would make backing up a lot easier, especially for the kids (who often backup wirelessly, etc). Thanks in advance for your thoughts!


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I backup with iMazing to an external drive, so I would think moving the folder to a NAS and changing the backup target should be easy. iMazing says:

“Backup to custom locations, including external drives an NAS, perfect for families or
businesses wanting to backup their devices to locally to a single computer”

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Their page details how one should be able to move the backup location, including exporting older backups, etc. However, that process doesn’t work on my version… I presume it is because they changed the program with updates since the instructions published in May of 2022 or so.

Ok, so I reached out to Synology. They responded, sending me a link to the instructions that don’t appear to be relevant to my software edition. I let them know.

They asked me for a screenshot, so I provided one. In the same email, they showed two different pictures of a piece of software doing what they said it should do. I provided a picture of how my version shows up along side a picture of how their version shows up. The version they are using appears to have MANY more options in the contextual menu than I have.

Hopefully they will check my image out and provide some helpful feedback. It seems possible, via a process they have built in, to move the data I’ve previously backed up to another location. I guess I’ll find out shortly.

Thanks all!