iMessage Apps - useless or not?

I have a long range of iMessage apps installed - most of them stickers and other useless things. Are there any actual useful productive iMessage apps out there?

I know of Kukutana, Doodle, DoWithMe and of course the usual suspects like Drafts, Google Maps and some weather apps.

I’m surprised that Apple haven’t made any really useful iMessage apps like one for Calendar, Weather and Notes for example.

I use Fantastical as my main calendar app but their iMessage app is just a bunch of useless stickers. I would love a calendar app that would allow me to share events with other people. How useful would that be?? :grinning:

I know that WeekCal does that but for some reason it doesn’t work on my phone…

So what are your most used and useful iMessage Apps? :blush:

I happen to have written a blog post on the matter!

There’s quite a few travel related ones.


I know Rose, thanks. That’s how I got the heads up on Mapstr and WeekCal.

Sadly, WeekCal doesn’t work on my phone so I can’t share calendar events, which would be really, really useful me :blush:

I find Scanner Pro’s iMessage app to be useful, probably one of the few I’ve used, really. Easy to just bang out a scan right there in iMessages when someone needs something!

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Thanks. I use Scanbot and they have the same function through iMessage😊

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Gently resurrecting this one as I wanna know if anyway is actually using iMessage apps?

I have never received one and sent out maybe 5. It’s weird to send when none are received. And I don’t even know if they translate to Android phones.