iMessage iPad Pro Issue!

So, for the past week or so Messages on my 2015 12.9" iPad Pro has not worked. I have gotten error messages that say 1) I cannot connect to the iMessage server, and 2) that my Apple ID does not match the iCloud Apple ID (which is not correct). After Googlijg these issues I see that many have had this problem in the past, but the solutions seem to require that one be actually logged into iMessage and FaceTime. My problem is that I am logged out of both and do not seem to be able to log back in. Messages and Facetime both work great on both my iPhone and MacBook Pro. Have no idea what is going on. Anyone have thoughts?

What do you mean by:

? What happens?

Apologies for not being clear. I was logged out of Messages due to some sort of error and was unable to log back in. Each time I tried to log back in I would get an error message that said the iPad could not connect to the Messages/FaceTime server.

I have resolved the issue. Just totally logged out out iCloud, logged in to iCloud on my MacBook Pro and deleted the iPad from my device list, then logged back into iCloud on my iPad. After that everything started working again.