iMessage on computer. Do Not Disturb

i have a computer for “work”. No really, its my work computer but i have i message on it with my personal iCloud. When my superiors come by the thing is always dinging and going nuts. I’ve tried putting on Do Not Disturb but i feel like it just isn’t enough. What sort of tricks can i use to hide my messaging? or should i just be a good boy and knock it off? i need some sort of hot key or script to banish all traces of it for meetings and such.

Why don’t you use your personal phone for texting and the computer your company paid for for what they intended?

You can just disable all notifications for messages in System Preferences. That, and only use Messages on your Mac when you actually need to do so, to type a longer message or something… And you should be fine.

(This, of course, is not legal advice. I don’t know if you can actually get in trouble with your employer when using your work-provided laptop for personal things, during work time even.)


Notification settings will work wonderfully. it will also keep me less distracted with no badge icons.

If you alt click the Notification Center icon it turns off all notifications which is very useful for meetings! Unfortunately I can’t help for the boss dropping by scenario :slight_smile:


A while back, there used to be a floor switch (literally just a corded USB button you clicked with your foot) that would switch immediately whatever screen you were on to the “production” screens that you use for work. Only works if you can see your boss coming :slight_smile:

So. This is kind of relevant, but if not appropriate here, I’d be happy to assign elsewhere

I’m considering adding my iMessages account to the Messages app on my work computer. I text with my boss, and a few other colleagues. But of course I use iMessage for family and non-work friends. Our organization also backs up our computers via WiFi. I’m hesitant to add my account to my work computer not because of time embezzlement, but for privacy reasons. Will my iMessages be backed up along with everything else? Does iMessage encryption protect me? Since messages are now in iCloud are they even stored on my local machine?

Thanks for any help!

Generally, employees should have no expectation of privacy when using their employer’s computers. Data may be retained, examined, and used by the employer. You would not only be mixing your personal information with corporate information, but by texting with family, etc., you would be mixing in their information too. (Without their knowledge or consent.) It seems those would be enough reasons to stick to personal messaging on your personal device, not the company’s.