iMessage syncing issue

Since upgrading to an iPhone XS, the iMessages on my iPad and iPhone don’t seem to stay in sync. Specifically, I’ll read a message on one device, and it may or may not be marked as read on the other. It sill appears as a new message.

Short of logging out of iCloud on each device, any recommendations?

Thank you,

Are you using iCloud for Messages? If so, is it turned on for both devices?

Yes and yes. It is enabled for both.

Is this both for iMessages and SMS messages? I’ve been having trouble with SMS messages syncing (thankfully those are few and far between)

I’d also verify the Text Message Forwarding and Send & Receive settings in the Messages settings are all setup correctly.

Of course, turning off/on devices would be a good step too if you haven’t yet.

You can also logout of icloud and log back in if re-enabling sync does not work