Import Apple Notes images into Bear notes app

Anyone found a way to import Apple Notes WITH images into the Bear notes app? I can get the text of the Apple Notes into Bear with no problem. Would like to get the images along with the text. Ideas???

Short answer: no.

Export the Apple notes as PDF’s (The only option I believe)

I looked for a way to export my info from Notes around a year ago. I agree with @bowline, there is no good way to export your data. It only offers “print to pdf” for exporting as @Dave_Palmer mentioned. Note2Txt was the only other option I found. Neither worked well for me.

I had A LOT of info in Notes and eventually ended up printing each note I really needed to keep as a PDF - and tossed the rest. I saved the PDFs in Google Drive so they were full text searchable.

I been burned too many times by apps without a good export function. So today I use a combination of plain text files and PDFs for permanent info and Google Keep for everything else.

Apple Notes is a good app if it works for you, but it suffers, IMO, from “Hotel California syndrome”: “We are programmed to receive, You can check out any time you like, But you can never leave!”