Import into project management SW from markdown?

I have a large outline in markdown of the tasks required for a specific type of recurring project we do at work. I would like to maintain the list in markdown and then be able to import it into project management software (I use OmniFocus, our team uses asana, so hoping to find solutions for both).

Is there a way to go from markdown to project management software?

I can’t speak directly to this, as I use Things rather than OmniFocus or Asana.

That said, it might be worth perusing the Drafts actions directory. There’s a parser that does what you describe for Things; I wouldn’t be surprised if there are similar actions available for other apps.

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I suspect there is some work around with markdown and task paper format.

I didn’t find one in my searches… but hopefully so.

Asana can import CSV files, so if you’re able to wrangle your Markdown tasks into a spreadsheet you should be able to import this data into Asana quite easily. You’ll find more information on the CSV Importer in the Asana Guide.

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I would echo the mention of Taskpaper. It’s better suited to this than Markdown.

In principle you could write Taskpaper and throw it through a Markdown processor as the dash (-) at the start of the line acts both as a task start and a Markdown bullet.

The rest of the Taskpaper syntax might seem a little ugly in a Markdown list but it is effective.

(In my md2pptx Markdown → Powerpoint converter I don’t support dashes as bullet markers but require asterisks instead. The dash is reserved for denoting a Taskpaper task that ends up on a Tasks slide (or slides) at the end of the presentation.)

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