Import only some items from Trello Checklist

Hey there!

I just found these amazing Workflow workflows from @rosemaryorchard to import Trello checklist items into OmniFocus ( Since I am on a board where we have checklists containing tasks for different people. Since we mark them with our Trello usernames (e.g. „Do XYZ @sylvan“), I was wondering whether there is a way to import only the items containing „@sylvan“. Maybe some of you Workflow wizards can help me out with this… :slight_smile:

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You would need to add an if contains and your username in that, and then the add item inside of it :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the suggestion! I don’t get it to work but I think it is because of a mistake on my part. The workflow is designed to get the names of the cards, but I’m looking for a way to get the items from checklists on the cards. I’m afraid this is not possible, right?

Sadly there’s no way to get the checklist items of a card with the built in actions, I suspect it would be possible with the API, but I’ve not yet experimented with that!

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Okay, no worries! The items aren‘t that many, so doing it manually is manageable :slight_smile:

Anyway, thank you very much!