Importing 1 Password Secure Notes in KeepassXC

I’ve recently moved from 1 password to KeepassXC. However, today when I needed a password that was stored in a secure note the data was missing. I had used KeepassXC’s opvault importer, but when it comes to secure notes it does not import all the data.

Any idea how I can get all of 1 Password’s secure notes into KeepassXC?

I’m also a little nervous now wondering if anything else did not import.

In experimenting over the last few months with importing to KeePassXC from both 1Password and Bitwarden, I’ve yet to get a scenario in which I didn’t have to make quite a few manual additions, including this sort of content. Sorry that I can’t be more encouraging. Best advice is to begin such a transition while you still have at least a few weeks to go with your previous provider/method, for precisely this sort of reason.

Many thanks. The good news is that 1 Password has a view only mode if you’re not paying. But that’s where the good news ends. Even in exported csv’s or plain text, a secure note’s data from one secure note is not in the same place in the file. Rather annoying.

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You provide a cautionary tale to those who rightly fear vendor lock-in!

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Indeed and reminding everyone that you need to check everything’s imported, even if it does mean going through 3,000 entries!

It has highlighted for me though that I’m moving in the right direction. No more proprietary formats that make it difficult to move my data.