Importing already imported photos from iPhone to new computer

So, My kids computer stopped working. It is an old iMac. My daughter transferred alot of her photos on that old computer and the Backup doesn’t seem to be working.

So, I created a account on my iMac and when she tried to import her photos from her iPhone, it only imported the new photos. Even through it is a new computer with no photo library, how can we reimport all the photos still on her iPhone but it thinks it was already imported.

Just a thought: is it possible that the Apple ID associated with the ‘new’ account already has those ‘duplicate’ images on iCloud Photos? If so that would explain why the older shots wouldn’t transfer.

Anyway… Google Photos will upload all images from your iPhone, and from there you can access/download them to a desktop.


Do not sync trough iTunes!

Open Image Capture and connect the iPhone with USB cable. Select the iPhone and download the images to the Mac and take it from there.

Alternatively you can use to access all data directly from the iPhone.