Importing database from OmniFocus into Things

Does anyone have experience with importing actions and projects into Things from Omnifocus? Is the manual way best?

I was able to import my entire OF system into Things using a conversion script found here:

This only works if you have the Pro version of OmniFocus (the standard version doesn’t allow Applescript). I recall that most everything came across well, though I had to rejigger recurring tasks.

Hope this helps.


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Okay thanks. I’m doing it and it’s taking a while. It will be a lot of cleaning up afterwards, but much easier than a manual import.

Do you have experience with importing reminders from Apple Reminders into Things on the Mac?

I know you can create an IFTTT recipe that uses new iOS Reminders as a trigger and pushes new reminders or tasks to your preferred service - here it is for Todoist:

You might want to look around IFTTT to see if something similar has already been created for Things.

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There is an option within Things 3 to import all your reminders, just a one time