Importing long videos directly to Google Drive

I host a podcast about game development (in hebrew).
We recently started filming our recordings and uploading them to youtube for the crowd that likes to feel like they are with us in the room (for some reason).

We have 2 iPhones as part of our recording setup. We record at 4K-30FPS, and use Google Drive to sync + archive the raw files. We edit in Premiere.

However, the importing workflow from the iPhone to the editing computer’s file system is amazingly cumbersome, since the import has to happen on different computers (we finish recording and immediately drive to our respective homes). Besides, the iPhones have different iCloud users and permissions.

Right now, we are import the videos to the mac’s built-in Photos app, and in order to upload it to google drive we have to locate the new files by opening the obfuscated file system included in the app’s Content’s directory, upload that file to Google Drive, and download it.

Any attempts to share the HUGE files (around 20 gigs each) to drive directly from the share functionality of the photos iOS app, usually fails / timeouts.

Is there a more ‘civil’ way to directly upload to google drive? Or import large files from the iPhone’s gallery without passing through the Photos app? Any advice on our process in general?

One option is to use the iPhone to record directly to your mac. See these instructions


Here are a few ideas …

  • iMazing could offer you direct access to the iPhone videos, by passing iPhotos

  • CyberDuck could offer you direct access to your Google drive folders as mountable volumes

  • Handbrake could offer you a way to trim down the video before posting


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I knew I could count on this forum’s residents to know software tailored for my needs. Thanks!