Importing opml file into Overcasts

Overcasts shows “Open In Overcasts “, as the way to import an opml file from one podcast client to another. I’ve exported the file from Pocketcasts, emailed it to myself, and have done a long tap on that file.

However, Open In Overcasts is not available on the share sheet.
How do you import the opml file In Overcasts?

Scroll all the way to the right in your share sheet and tap on More. Then enable Overcast - that should do the trick.

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Overcast was already enabled.
I see Copy To Overcast in the share sheet ( but not Open In Overcast), but “Copy” doesn’t work.

Having tried Copy (before I posted), I still see old podcasts in Overcast that I had undubbed from a long time ago, in PocketCasts.

This makes me wonder if the import function is broken, or the instructions to import are incorrect.

Just to clarify: do you want to the OPML file to replace your Overcast subscriptions, or add to them?

From this paragraph I’m getting the feeling you want to replace, which is (probably) not how it works. In that case I think you should first unsubscribe from all podcasts in Overcast before importing the OPML-File.

Both. I would expect the import to be the final word.

In that case you should probably delete everything from Overcast first (start a new account maybe, if that’s easier).

Since you are deleting data you might want to backup your Overcast data first by the way. :wink:

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I’m my case, Overcast is not up to date. I haven’t used it in over a year. Deleting everything is no problem, because the master set of podcasts is in pocketcasts.
That said, I wish they would allow you tovsync which podcasts that you’ve listened to, or marked as favorites. Syncing the podcast names alone isn’t enough.

With close to 60 subscribed podcasts, going through each one to sync all episodes in all podcasts , manually is a lot of work.