Impressive app mmhmm for recording Zoom presentations

For those who may use Zoom for teaching or webinars, there is a new app in beta called mmhmm which can be used with Zoom for some really nice effects to allow the presenter to remain on screen while sharing content. The demo video on this page is outstanding:


Looks interesting! A smart way to present the slides ; )

Hah. A nice little shout-out to Evernote at 2:30:

Phil Libin, the guy running the demo and co-founder of Mmhmm, was CEO of Evernote during its heyday.

I have played with the beta—it is a nice app. I’m not sure I’m interested in the overhead it adds to recording a presentation, but it definitely produces a better result than Loom, which I’ve been using for effectively the same use case.

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This looks AMAZING! I could totally see using this during a Zoom meeting at the nonprofit I work at.

Just got the beta - running great and lots of fun.