In praise of Copied for clipboard management

Copied is a heck of a fine application for saving and managing multiple clipboards, particularly on the iPhone and iPad.

My favorite feature is the way it uses its software keyboard to let you do text transformations while keeping another app open – multitasking even on the iPhone.

I’m looking into Copied as a TextExpander replacement. Just save snippets to a list in Copied, and search for them as needed. By adding titles to the snippets, you can search for text that does not appear in the snippet itself. For example, title the snippet “address” and search for that word, and copied will find that snippet, even though your address doesn’t contain the text “address.”

Copied hasn’t been updated for a year, and hasn’t seen a major update in much longer than that. I expect any day now we’ll get an iOS update that breaks it, and there won’t be an update, and that’s that. That will be a sad day.

One thing I dislike about the iOS based clipboard managers I’ve tried is that they need to be invoked to save the clipboard. These things work best for me when I don’t need to think about them.

I haven’t considered Copied’s keyboard functionality though. I wonder if that would make me use it more…

Agreed, that is a pain. I wish Apple would let 'em run in the background.

Copied has a share extension that lets you save that way. But that’s several extra taps.

It is very nice indeed. And when you’re using the Copied keyboard, you can use that to save text snippets. Very helpful.

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Now that I think of it, Copied also has its own built-in web browser, to partly get around the multitasking limitations of iOS. I never think to use it when I’m using the app.

I could start a thread on great app features that you never remember to use when you’re in the middle of working on something.


Copied was so far ahead of the game when it launched that competitors still don’t offer it’s features. I think the problem is marketing. It’s more in ling with a reference manager than a simple clipboard tool. I save all my quotes, links to interesting articles and more in Copied.

I haven’t even taken advantage of the REGEX features and some other things but the Keyboard support is essential because it allows to me search and insert any saved data I have into whatever app I want.

If Chang updates Copied …I imagine he’ll change the focus to beyond a mere clipboard manager and more to a data repository that has excellent Clipboard support. I would not mind if he went subscription because I use Copied every single day.

I’d love to see a full on Mac application that can go full screen and more tagging support.

Interesting idea, using Copied as a full-on data repository. I can certainly see that, particularly for information that you might want to have at your fingertips at a moment’s notice.

And yeah I’m barely scratching the automation features of Copied.

It seems to me that Copied, like Linky, is a passion project by a developer with a day job, and the developer lost interest when the app failed to generate enough revenue. Either that, or he decided it was complete. I should do a couple of minutes of Web research her and see what else, if anything, the developer has done.


I was not able to find any other projects by the developer or even his or her name.

Yeah Kevin Chang is pretty much a ghost. But if my hunch is correct he’s a solid programmer and probably does good B2B deals. He may not have the time to update Copied like he wants. As much as i’d love to say this silence is unique I’ve seen a few developers who’s response to being really busy is to cease most communication. Hopefully he finds the time to tweak Copied a bit and update it’s automation features.

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