In Search of a Corkboard app for IPAD

I have a specific use.

I use my ipad in court. My workflow is to load a folder with pdfs and images on my laptop, and airdrop it to the ipad, then open in whatever i’m using at the moment.

the pdfs are usually multipage legal documents.

I’m testing MUSE which is pretty good. it allows free floating items which is a real plus. pdf readers are ok, but more rigid. its nice to be able to move things freely.

anyone know of any others? MUST be able to be nice and friendly with pdfs. many say they are, but aren’t.

the screenshot is what i use now. any others available?

cheers…sv~MUSE screenshot

My wife uses Corkulous Professional for some of her hobbies and likes it. Not sure if it’s what you’d be looking for, but it’s another option.

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I use ZoomNotes for this purpose. It is best on an iPad with Pencil (12.9" preferably, but works OK on 11"). Has a Mac counterpart that is meh, but at least it syncs and can be viewed.

Under very active development. Be aware it does not follow much of Apple’s design guidelines. It takes some investment of time to get used to, but the payback is worth it, IMO.

thanks guys. i’ll surf them both out.

all i need is to;

load files. view them. then toss them.

Muse is probably best from apps for this purpose. Though like features of ZoomNotes but it’s interface is messy and also not visually pleasing.

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