In Search of Gantt Chart Feature for Calendar use

Apologies for abusing this board for my selfish needs.

I currently use Fantastical and it works great for my needs. I’m especially fond of its integration with the native Reminders, and the sidebar views showing summaries [i forget exactly what those views are called], AND the ios app is VERY nice too.

But man, I could REALLY use a gantt feature. I’m a trial lawyer and each calendar entry is often part of a more extensive scheduling order. Would really be handy to click in entry and see a gantt option to quickly display related entries re that client or matter.

I’ve searched quite a bit but haven’t found anything. Anyone got anything that’d marry into iCal or Fantastical? Something else?

I link Gantt charts from OmniPlan to Fantasical all the time using Hook.

The only downside is that it only works on Macs, not iOS.

You can export an image or PDF from OmniPlan, if it doesn’t need to be live for editing often.

hey, thanks for the reply. it would need to be live, but i could get by without an ios option.

thanks much

With the major caveat that I haven’t used this software, it looks like you could manage Gantt-viewed schedules in this free app and publish an iCal you could add to Fantastical.

In the MS Project/MS Outlook world, this kind of sync is still a bit of an unsolved problem, with only a couple third party options that don’t make many users happy.

I like the Gantt-lite view of all day tasks in Fantastical enough for my needs, but I can see how nice it would be if they’d let you view that data in, say, 100 days in a horizontal row, instead of just a week at a time before wrapping to the next line in the month view.

This is why I created this in Notion, as I couldn’t see any way to do it, so I’ve created a ToDo list in Notion, and I can now view it as a table view, calendar or Gantt view.

It’s doesn’t link with a calendar though which is unfortunate.

Different platform, but Corel’s MindManager, on Windows, has a Gantt view, and nodes (tasks or events) can synchronize with Outlook. I don’t use MindManager on macOS, but it looks like the Mac version has the Gantt chart view. Not sure about the calendar integration, though.