In the market: 2 drive DAS RAID

Yeah. I have an external DAS array in Raid 5 using spinning disks, and the speed isn’t anything like SSD. I really suspect that OP’s speed bottleneck will never actually be the enclosure/interface, as long as spinning disks are in play. Anything much beyond USB 3 is probably overkill, as it’s not the limiting factor.

I have two OWC 4M2 enclosures. They have four NVME slots, and two Thunderbolt ports for daisy chaining.

These things are fast! Very simple construction. One weakness is the fans tend to make noise if you let dust build up. (I found a direct source in China for the fans for $11, and they’re easy to replace. These things should go for close to forever.)

Did I mention they’re fast? (Blistering)

The down-side is they use sofware raid. And you need the more expensive versions if you want to use RAID 1+0. It’s worth it for me. The free version does let you set up mirrors.

An alternative to that would be to use the drives individually in the encloser in a JBOD setup and then use something like Forklift, Transmit, or Chronosync to automate backing them up. Softraid is just about to relase version 7 which is fully compatible with Ventura.

I would be interested to know their stats. Would you be willing to run DiskMark?

Are the drives individually accessible? If so, macOS raid should work.

I’m not really comfortable with using software I’m not familiar with. Sorry. I could run Black Magic’s testing software if you’d like.

You can access the drives individually (JBOD), if you want to. But for redudency and speed, making a RAID is a good choice too. MacOS does not do RAIDs any more out of the box. That’s why OWC makes and maintains SoftRaid.

Sure, I would appreciate it.

Au contraire mon frère, I’ve been using the built in raid0 for a couple of years. Also supported are raid1 and JBOD.