In Ventura, can the main display be rotated 90°?

My iMac Pro is on a VESA arm, and it would be really nice to rotate in 90° as I’m writing code. This isn’t possible in Monterey.

My side monitor could do this, but it’s 4K, and I don’t want to put my iMac Pro off to the side.

Unless there are hacks that I don’t know about?


Jut tried it an it works fine. Be aware that the whole preferences/settings app changes a lot with Ventura, but this was easy to find.

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Thanks for the info!

Ugh. Now for the tough decision. Backing out an update is so difficult…

SwitchResX to the rescue!
I found out it used to be possible to hold down Cmd+Opt when clicking Displays to show the rotation option for the main display on an iMac Pro. Doesn’t work on Monterey, but shows the hardware supports it.
Remembered SwitchResX that allows all sorts of tweaking, and sure enough, it has the options.

So many source codes!