Inbox App Feature: Bundle Sweep

I’ve been searching for a mail client that has this feature ever since Gmail killed Inbox, but I either haven’t found it, or I’ve missed it. Pretty much every client has smart folders which is really the first part of the feature, “Bundle”. But the thing I loved about inbox was that I could scan through the headlines of my “promotional” and “update” emails and every once in a while dive into one of those for details. But mostly what I wanted to was single click button to “sweep” them all out of my inbox. The closest thing I’ve found is the gmail web client “Important” inbox, where “everything else” has a menu item to “archive all visible”. I have only two minor issues with this: it’s two clicks and if I don’t check my email for a few days (holidays) then there are multiple pages of “everything” and those two clicks are multiplied by however many pages there are.

I’m trying to reduce the number of useless emails I get (unsubscribe, etc) but I figure if there was a place where someone had seen this feature somewhere for macOS or iOS, it would be here. Has anyone seen this feature anywhere else besides Inbox?

Zoho and Microsoft 365 have this sort of functionality (splitting newsletters etc out into their own folder) but you probably don’t want to change your email provider.

You might get a quick and dirty workaround with some inbox rules to shift mail into a newsletter folder using body contains ‘unsubscribe’ or similar. False moves could be avoided by testing against contacts. E.g. sender is not in my contacts AND body contains unsubscribe.