Include cursor in screenshots

Is anyone aware of screenshot software for macOS that includes the mouse cursor besides SnagIt and the built-in Grab?

CleanShot X has that feature. It is in the settings under “advanced”. See limitations: CleanShot 2021-06-20 at 08.31.16@2x

I tried it and it works as stated.

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The built in Screenshot app that Apple gave you with macOS includes a “Show Mouse Pointer” option. Screenshot is better than a lot of other fee-based apps.

(BTW, the “cursor” and the “pointer” are two different things. So I assume you mean the “pointer”.)

Ty. Something is better than nothing. Already use CleanShot X and love it compared to SnagIt and the built-in stuff.

From now onwards will just take fullscreen screenshots and crop them whenever I want the cursor.

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Capto does this. Capto is part of the SetApp subscription.

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