Incogni or similar- Opinions

Has anyone else tried Incogni or a similar service, like the one DuckDuckGo is now offering, that removes you from data brokers?

I paid for Incogni about 2 months ago and it’s been fantastic. I have a land line at home and usually have the phone on silent because of all the spam calls, it’s mostly just an emergency line, but don’t have to do that anymore because all but one or two spam calls a week are gone.

I don’t know if these services have always been around or if some new legislation allowed for them to do what they do but I would highly suggest taking a look at one of these types of services if you want yo get your info out of the hands of data brokers.


+1 for Incogni. It gets better over time. It took > 1 year for most brokers to be processed

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I could be interested in a service like this. I heard about incogni for the first time about two days ago…

Incogni looks interesting, and there are some positive reviews. However, I had to dig through their documentation until I found a FAQ that confirmed my suspicion that it only works on one email account:

At this time, we do not have an option to add multiple email or physical addresses to one account, but it is something that we definitely have as a high priority on our roadmap.

This is not worth the price of admission, in my case, and I suspect others who also have more than one email address for different work (my owned business) and personal reasons. I’ll keep looking for alternatives.