Incompatibility of popular microphones with Sonoma?

I have just learnt that Sonoma may render my RØDE VideoMic NTG and Shure MV7 unusable with my late 2020 (Intel) iMac due to a conflict with MFI certification.
If this is the case I will not be “upgrading”.
Can anyone provide further information?

MFI is for gear connecting to iOS devices and services like “Find My” and “CarPlay” isn’t it?

To the best of my understanding, it does not affect anything that connects to the Mac over USB.

Please let me know if I’m mistaken here :slight_smile:

Apparently it’s only for devices that were certified for MFI for use with iOS as well:

This is borderline silly as MFI is, literally, an iOS hardware standard. I would guess that something with the code portability infrastructure is goofing up the hardware up. This might also have to do with some of the rumblings that Apple is trying to make MFI hearing aids work with macOS.

But the important things from RØDE’s announcement is that it’s not an issue on M-series Macs, apparently.

I’d assume that the place to watch for more info is RØDE’s website, and that tech podcasters will latch onto it if all of a sudden the majority of RØDE’s products won’t work after the update. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the helpful comments. RØDE made it clear that Silicon Macs are not affected, but as I am not yet ready to replace my late 2020 high spec iMac I may have an issue. The RØDE announcement did refer to Macs and Sonoma and not just iOS. I also read somewhere that other microphones, such as my Shure MV7 would face the same (potential) problem.