Increase in Dropbox spam emails?

Anyone noticed an uptick? that device limit and overpriced subscription model may not be working out now with the rise of NextCloud. They have emailed me twice within a week with their hand out…

Not really but I may have unsubscribed from all their emails :slight_smile:

I can’t remember ever getting an email from them. I unsubscribed tho. the only reason I still have a dropbox account is because Launch Center Pro locks us in for backups.

are you sure it is not spam mail masquerading as from Dropbox?

well the unsubscribe did ask me for my credit card and ss#. but thats normal right?

yep. and i have a bridge in NYC i am willling to sell. interested? :slight_smile:

That’s normal, but be suspicious if they ask for the key to your front door.