Indexing by Eaglefiler without copying / moving files

Sometimes I prefer using Eaglefiler for searching files instead of DEVONthink as the files / folders are in standard, easily accessible formats instead of being embedded in the database structure.

However, I do not like importing into Eaglefiler library as it seems to duplicate the files .

According to Michael Tsai, it does not take up additional space due to the APFS filing system

If you’re using macOS 10.13 or later, even if you opt to “copy” it won’t use double the space. EagleFiler will use APFS file cloning to make sure that the blocks on disk are shared between the two copies of the files

Even this is true, I still prefer to point the Eaglefiler library to the existing folders. I finally found a way to do that, as described in this forum discusssion. The trick is to create a folder inside the library, then delete the actual folder and replace that with a symlink (pointing to the existing folder that I want to index) of the same name. Eaglefiler will consider the symlink like the created (and deleted) folder like the actual foler.

This works quite well for me, I have used that to point to my local Obsidian vault so that I can search for that using Alfred integration with Eaglefiler

Guess this is nothing new to seasoned Eaglefiler users but sharing this just in case


If it works for you, go for it. But this “seasoned EagleFiler user” does not do that and would not recommend it. I’m happy gathering into one folder all the things that I want to have available in EagleFiler. I welcome organization that simplifies.

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just a matter of interest and try to learn the best practice - if you were to use Eaglefiler to search for files in the Obisidian vault (obviously growing with new notes), do you import the new notes manually or do you have some sort of automation (like Keyboard maestro) to do that?

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I import manually, two ways.

(1) Every EagleFiler library has a folder named “To Import” and the name of the library in parentheses, for example, To Import (EagleFilerMain). I put this folder in my Finder sidebar and drag a file to it or save a note that I have created to it.

(2) I use the F1 function key to have EagleFiler grab a web page or email that I am viewing.