Indexing handwritten journal notes

Can anyone point me in the right direction on the following issue? I love to take notes In a journal of my business meetings and phone calls and have amassed a number of journals at this point. My issue is that I would love to figure out a way to scan (OCR) in all of my old journal pages so I can tag/search them when I am talking to a person or working on a project and see all the history in one place. Right now I am forced to pull out the journals and flip through them all and tag the pages I need which is very time consuming and just doesn’t work anymore. Any suggestions would be appreciated. All though I thought about taking notes on my iPhone or iPad, it would work for call but it would be cumbersome (and a bit awkward) at in-person meetings (when that happens again).

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Consider a book scanning and OCR service like BlueLeaf, which will do this for you and give you searchable PDFs:

To non-destructively scan ten notebooks you might be looking at $150.

If you want to scan yourself, and you can get your notebooks to stay open, Prizmo is a pretty iOS good scan and OCR tool.

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Going forforward, you should look at Goodnotes on the ipad / Mac.

The app can also OCR your handwriting to allow searchingand I think there is functionality for bookmarking / creating an index.


Notability is similar. It allows you to record the conference / meeting (with the other participants’ consent) and syncs the recording to your notes so that, when you tap on a paragraph in your notes, it will play back the recroding at that point.

I’m not sure if it does the handwriting recognition / OCR though.

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Thanks for the suggestions I’ll check them out.