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in addition to Prime Day Sale, the Indie Dev Sales is also on

I bought Tap Form right away.

Also considering Screencastonline , wondering what people think about the services


Thanks for sharing @fuzzygel. I saw the demo of TapForms and seems like a nice native app database.

  • How is it different from using Notes as stash of files/images etc since it is searchable as well
  • How has the developer support being over the years
  • How easy is it to bulk export data and move to raw files
  • How does syncing work? iCloud or other way

I picked up Bills to Budget. It’s a well made app and follow some of my real life logic for paying bills.

Its 20$ US.

I cancelled the subscription back in 2022 after having been a member for 14 years. Screencastsonline was a treasure trove when I switched to the Mac (it still is). The quality of the tutorials is very good and the archives provide a wide range of apps and topics. So, why did I cancel? I caught myself not really watching many of them after a few years. I do not blame SCO for that, I am to blame: I have settled on the apps I am using for the most part. And in the rare occasion when a new app was released, I already had tried it most of the time before it got the SCO tutorial treatment. Again, I am the reason: impatience. :slight_smile: I eventually did not get that much out of it any longer because of that. So, after a few years of thinking about cancelling, I pulled the plug in 2022: the subscription price was too much for me given my actual usage of the service in the end. To me, SCO is a must for new Apple and new Mac users, though: a fantastic archive of nearly everything you can think of. And $47.94 is a very good deal to check it out (there also is a free trial period of course).


I’m considering buying Subtrack (Pro) to replace Chronicle (Pro).

For quite some time Chronicle cannot handle digits (resetting them to “00”) and the author seems unable to fix that, so maybe this App can be a replacement?

thanks @Christian , I really appreciate the feedback, Agreed, I signed for for the 7-day trial and found that there are a lot of videos that meet my needs. I am impatient to read through manuals and instructions so I think this suits me.

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to be perfectly honest, I bought the app based on this discussion, so I am learning it on this go as well

I do not have a complex need for high end relational database, so I this Tap Form will meet my needs. At least , AFAIK, it supports iCloud sync between Mac and iOS/iPadOS devices

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I took advantage of SCO 50 % deal. I find it’s a good service to take a hiatus from and rejoin to catch up on newer apps.

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I use Tap Forms for my birding relational database. It’s not in the same app category as Notes as far as I’m concerned. Rather, it’s something that you need to invest time in to set up and organise, then it gives you the advantages that a relational database provide.
My database is over a GB in size and iCloud syncing is understandably troublesome, so I use its “nearby devices” option.

I tried it for other databases like car records, but always go back to simpler methods like spreadsheets for those.

I highly recommend it, but only if you actually want a database app, not just a place to store things/information.

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If you don’t mind sharing, can you please share a few types of things that you store in it? I’m

I’m trying to think how do I figure this out. Lol.

Bought Tap Forms Organizer

i’m pretty sure i’ll make good use of it.

Subtrack looks great (much more modern than Chronicle), but do you really have to tap “Mark as Paid” on the actual day that you paid a subscription? (You can’t select another date, so book up front or fix afterwards?)

I’ve been a ScreenCastsOnline member for years and will always stay with it. Not only is it excellent for the apps I have, but it is indispensable for finding new apps (or avoiding apps I know wouldn’t suit me). Their Slack channel is very responsive to new show suggestions. I’ve read reviews on apps and suggested that they might be interesting for SCO. Most of these suggestions have become tutorials reasonably quickly.

I highly recommend it for any serious Mac and/or iOS user.


You are quite an enabler. I took the offer, too. :joy::innocent:

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So, for my bird database there are a few forms/tables.
The main one has all the birds, names, photos, descriptions, etc.
So, opening the app I can search and if any record matches the search, I can tap on it and it takes me to that record. This can be done in any app really, but a database app like this lets you lay out the info just as you want. Once set up, it feels like an app designed just how I want.

The power of a relational database is in relationships, though.
So, a second table stores locations. If I see a bird in a location I can enter that in table 1.
Later, if I want to see all birds in the location I’m about to visit, I can view by location.
If I add new information to the location, such as geotagging, because it is linked then the info in every bird record (table 1) is automatically up to date.

Again, this can be done in other non-database apps, but if you value this kind of linking, Tap Forms gives first class behaviour.

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Is this a many-to-many relationship? If you view the details for a specific bird, do you have configured to show you all the locations where you have seen this bird?

I have licensed TapForms and I need to “play” with it more. One aspect that I didn’t like was how it showed relationships (ie - form over function, I guess).

Right now I’m trying Notion for my gardening database. I also have the same database in AirTable and Filemaker. I need to pick one, although I do have the time to evaluate these apps/services. :grinning:

Funny thing is the older I get the worse my vision become and I become more of a visual learning lol

Ooh, I can’t remember and don’t have access right now.
Tap Forms does one-to-many, many-to-many and join relationships, though.

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