Induce delay to Notifications [macOS] [Workaround to chat with short texters]

Hi MPUers,

I want to delay my Mac notifications (both sound and banner) by a few seconds. Would be awesome if I can do this for a specific app

I am a long text sender (iMessage/Discord) and think/write everything before sending a message, which results in fewer message to the receiver and less notifications. A few people I chat with are short texters and send short bits of messages like “Hi ABC” <5 seconds pause> “Do you have time to talk” <5 second pause> “I want to chat about XYZ”, which I feel can be put in one message. This results in more messages and are really distracting, especially when there is a pause in between them.

I still want to receive notifications from these apps, but thinking if I delay the notifications by a few seconds/mins, I can look/answer all of them together resulting in less distractions instead of looking at the first message and see “PERSON1 is typing…”

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I don’t know or any way to do this but I would love it if there was. I would also automatically silence any notification of a message that matches anything like:

“Can I ask you a question?”

(You already did. Just ask it. Don’t ask if you can ask. That’s two interruptions instead of one.)

Long typers unite!

This is another reason for my post. I really hope someone has a solution/workaround for this