InkPad Lite - A surprisingly nice e-reader

I’d been debating whether to buy the Kindle, the ReMarkable, or the Kobo Elipsa for reading and notetaking.

I just wasn’t really happy with any of the options, and wasn’t super-excited about spending $400 or more on this project.

So I removed the notetaking from the consideration (I’m using a RocketBook instead), realizing that what I mainly wanted was a large screen e-reader. Something like the old Kindle DX.

And I wound up with the InkPad Lite.

Initial impressions are that it’s a surprisingly nice aerator for just over $200. It even has built-in Dropbox integration, so I can just drop all of my ePubs in it from my computer.

Obviously it doesn’t support the Kindle format. But I tried a current-generation Paperwhite just last week to see whether the Kindle’s ePub support has gotten better, and it’s still abysmal. There are lots of extended characters that get botched in the “email to Kindle” conversion process.

The InkPad reads ePubs and PDFs flawlessly, obviously within the limits of an e-ink black and white screen.

It also has a backlight with adjustable color temperature, adjustable font sizes, a decent touch screen, and actual, physical page turn buttons that work both left- and right-handed.

Obviously I have more testing and playing around to do. But if there’s somebody else in my situation that just wants a nice e-reader to handle ePubs and PDFs), this might be worth some consideration. :slight_smile:


I’ll look deeper into it. Did you know about the Fujitsu Quaderno? Also I’m holding my money until I see the release of the Lenovo Yoga Paper Eink Tablet. Lenovo is a good brand and I want to see what they bring to the table.

I researched all of them - I just didn’t want to throw that much cash at it. $200 ish for a decent e-reader is about right for me.

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