Inputting new tasks into OmniFocus on iOS


I am attempting to trying to get OmniFocus on iOS to be useful but am running into a problem that I cannot imagine OF can’t accommodate.

I have a perspective that has inside it a number of folders and in each one of those folders are projects. What I want to do is tap on the perspective, then tap on the folder, then tap on the project and with one button create a task within that project.

But on iOS when you make those series of taps you there is no way of just tapping a button to create a task in that project. Instead you have to tap on the “Projects” perspective, scroll through a long list of projects on the left hand side of the screen, tap the one you want on the left side of the screen, then tap the project on the left side of the screen, then it displays the project in the middle with an icon to instantly add a task to that project.

This feels like an inadequacy of OF which is suppose to be very powerful and accommodating, Can someone tell me if OF just can’t do what I want?

Thank you

Might the drag-and-drop Inbox Item mechanism work for this? I guess it’s not one tap, but tap, hold, and drag, but it’s pretty close!

If you are using OmniFocus 3.4 then one approach might be…

Have the perspective display just the desired list of folders and projects without any tasks (see attached image for example).

Then, from the perspective, long press on the desired project to get the context menu and select “Go to Project”.

From there you can use the plus button to add tasks.

So that would be tap, long press, tap, tap.

Not quite what you were after, but close.

Hi Roger, I guess this kind of works but it’s so unnecessary. All that needs to happen is when I tap on the Perspective in the left pane, then that pane is replaced with the list of folders.

Then all I would have to do is tap the folder that is displayed on the left pane, then tap the project, then tap the “plus” button.

Basically when you tap on a perspective it should work EXACTLY like what happens when you tap on the “Projects” perspective except only show you the folders set up within that perspective.

Sometimes I just don’t think OF is as “powerful” as it is perceived to be.

Have you tried the drag and drop thing? It works well everywhere for me.